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MHP A-BombMHP A-Bomb
A-Bomb is the world's first ever multi-pathway anabolic gene activator with an exclusive pharmaceutical 'Continuous Infusion' Delivery for Unequalled Permanent Gains in Muscle Mass!
MHP Activite SportMHP Activite Sport
Formulated specially for athletes, Activite delivers a full spectrum infusion of “activated” vitamins, amino acid chelated minerals and high ORAC antioxidants for improved muscle recovery. Another key feature is Anabolase, the patented interactive food optimizer that maximizes carbohydrate, protein and fat utilization for maximum gains in lean muscle, energy and endurance.
MHP BCAA 3300 (120 Tablets)MHP BCAA 3300 (120 Tablets)
MHP BCAA 3300 is a super-anabolic Branched Chain Amino Acid complex formulated in a powerful 4:1:1 ratio (leucine:isoleucine:valine) for maximum muscle-building and recovery. This highly anabolic ratio sets MHP’s BCAA 3300 apart from other formulas that use the outdated 2:1:1 ratio. The newest muscle-building and performance research reports that leucine is the most anabolic of all aminos and activates the mTor anabolic pathway to increase protein synthesis for enhanced muscle growth and repair.
MHP Carnitine 500MHP Carnitine 500
L-Carnitine plays an essential role in fat burning metabolism, energy production and supporting the optimal functioning of the body at the cellular level. Extensive scientific evidence illustrates the benefits of L-Carnitine for athletes and active people, including optimizing performance and delaying the onset of fatigue. Clinical research has also observed a decrease in the production of free radicals, minimized tissue damage and reduced muscle soreness after exercise following L-Carnitine supplementation, in addition to enhancement of the post-exercise recovery phase. Additionally, L-Carnitine supplement use is reported to promote cardiovascular functioning and health, which is vital for achieving peak physical performance.
MHP Creatine MonohydrateMHP Creatine Monohydrate
Creatine is considered by most sports scientists and athletes alike to be the #1 most important sports nutrition supplement available.
MHP Dark MatterMHP Dark Matter
If you want to start gaining serious size, chug down some Dark Matter and introduce your muscles to a new frontier of muscle growth as you enter the Anabolic Axis. The biggest opportunity to stimulate muscle growth is immediately after your workout.
MHP Glutamine-SR (1 kg)MHP Glutamine-SR (1 kg)
MHP Glutamine-SR is a breakthrough in Glutamine Absorption allowing 300% greater absorption. Time release formula insures distribution to muscle tissue over a 12 hour.
MHP ISO-Fast 50MHP ISO-Fast 50
IsoFast 50 is a fast, pure and powerful whey protein. This revolutionary Biohydrolyzed Whey Protein Isolate is scientifically formulated for elite bodybuilders and athletes engaged in intense training programs to help promote muscle building, inhibit catabolism and improve recovery for optimal results. IsoFast 50 utilizes micronparticulated whey protein isolate with Biohydrolase, a new advanced Biohydrolysis Technology, for amazingly fast anabolic muscle building activation.
MHP Macrobolics MRP (20 Sachets)MHP Macrobolics MRP (20 Sachets)
Bodybuilders and performance athletes everywhere are raving about the new Macrobolic Nutrition line of products because they provide the precise 45/35/20 ratio of macro-nutrients (carbohydrates, proteins and fats) that simultaneously optimize muscle building, fat burning and performance levels!
MHP NO-Bomb (96 Capsules)MHP NO-Bomb (96 Capsules)
NO-Bomb's revolutionary dual action GlycoCarn/KNO3 Nitrite-NO Technology combo promotes synergistic nitric oxide effects.
MHP Power Pak PuddingMHP Power Pak Pudding
Delicious, ready-to-eat, high protein pudding!
MHP Probolic-SR (1.8 kg)MHP Probolic-SR (1.8 kg)
MHP Probolic-SR patented Micro-Feed Technology is the biggest breakthrough ever in protein supplementation. This pharmaceutical delivery system is designed to provide a continual supply of amino acids for up to 12 hours!
MHP Releve (60 Tablets)MHP Releve (60 Tablets)
There are few things more discomforting than lying in bed with aching sore muscles after a grueling workout, or having to limit your activity level due to achy joints. Strong enough for the most intense strength athlete, but made for all people - from bodybuilders to baby-boomers and beyond - Releve allows you to breathe a sigh of relief as it goes to work directly on your muscles and joints. bringing back comfort once again!
MHP ShakerMHP Shaker
Silver lid with blue MHP logo on one side.
MHP Trac Extreme NOMHP Trac Extreme NO
Exclusive Patented 2-Stage Bifusion Time Release Technology TRAC Extreme-NO provides your muscles with a 2-Stage infusion of nutrients to prepare you for intense workouts and keep you pumped all day long.
MHP Up Your Mass (2.2 kg)MHP Up Your Mass (2.2 kg)
Gain up to 16lbs of rock hard muscle in 5 weeks! Up Your Mass is the highest quality, best tasting weight gainer on the market today.
MHP XpelMHP Xpel
New xtreme water release pill allows you to see results in just 12 hours! At any given time, you're carrying up to 10 pounds of excess water This natural phenomenon is called "subcutaneous water", and it can easily contribute to a "soft and puffy" appearance and uncomfortable feeling. If you're a bodybuilder, subcutaneous water can prevent you from being "dialed in" at your next contest. If you're someone simply looking to lose a few pounds fast, subcutaneous water can prevent you from fitting into those jeans you want to wear this weekend!
MHP A-Bomb
MHP Activite Sport
MHP BCAA 3300 (120 Tablets)
MHP Carnitine 500
MHP Creatine Monohydrate
MHP Dark Matter
MHP Glutamine-SR (1 kg)
MHP Glutamine-SR (300g)
MHP ISO-Fast 50
MHP Macrobolics MRP (20 Sachets)
MHP NO-Bomb (96 Capsules)
MHP Power Pak Pudding
MHP Probolic-SR (1.8 kg)
MHP Probolic-SR (907g)
MHP Releve (60 Tablets)
MHP Shaker
MHP Trac Extreme NO
MHP Up Your Mass (2.2 kg)
MHP Up Your Mass (907g)
MHP Xpel
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